Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WEDDING NOTES™ - Some Really Good Advice

If you have never before practiced Self Care, do it NOW.  All the planning and decision making that gointo pulling the myriad aspects of your wedding into place can leave you stressed out beyond belief.  This advice comes from wedding planners who know how important this is.

*Do whatever you need to do to unwind, relax and sleep well.  Take your vitamins, get healthy exercise and find effective emotional outlets for releasing the stress you feel.  Remember your groom.  Do fun things together and plan together.  You need to be healthy and strong and resilient.

*Get and stay organized.  Start early and document every decision made around your wedding day.  It doesn't matter if you keep records on line or in file folders or a paper bag.  Find a system that works for you - implement it early on and keep it current.

*Together set a budget for the wedding and stick to it.  Agree on priorities.  Identify those key items that you both really want as well as those areas where you can "under" spend.

*Remember to be grateful for all that you have and for everything others are doing for you.  You will get gifts, good wishes and offers to help.  Thank those who offer assistance whether you take them up on that offer or not.  Because weddings are happy occasions, people feel good and want to help if they can.  It's nice to be a part of a positive and joyous event.

*Remember your plan and stick with it.  Yes, you'll hear of a great idea or see something at someone else's wedding that you'd like to adopt for yours.  Be careful of playing "one ups manship".  Do you really want that?  What are you willing to give up for it?  Some you'll want to copy and some you won't.  This bride is having her big day and you'll have yours.

And the best advice of all - let go of bridal guilt!  You can't make everyone happy all the time.  It's not worth the worry and stress.  Sometimes guilt is ok.  It can help us deal with other's feelings.  But most of the time we are simply afraid that we have let someone down or hurt someone's feelings.  Do your best to be aware of the feelings of others and honor them when you can.  But the best advice is to remember that on your wedding day, you are there to please yourself and your groom as you begin your new life together.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

WEDDING NOTES™ - First Photographs

Engagement photos have come a long way from a formal studio shot of the bride to be.  The favorites  are shots of the couple in fun and unusual locations and are used in newspaper announcements, on save-the-date cards and part of the wedding day decorations.

Working with a photographer on engagement shots gives you a chance to see how you like a photographer's work and what he/she is like to work with before you sign a substantial contract for ceremony coverage.

Done right, these photographs can be introductions to the wedding's theme or  a fun expression of the places and items that mean much to the couple.   Talk over your ideas with the photographer.  You may wish to try some vintage shots using an classic car, or vintage bicycle.  Or you may consider being in costumes.

If you plan a destination wedding, have your engagement photos taken with stacks of luggage next to a bus, or car or train or plane.

Find landmarks in an urban setting that are important to you both.  Shots taken against a skyline or against a brick wall will provide a different look from your wedding day photos.

Consider night time shots.  Outdoor lights can include timed exposures.  Or if holiday lights are important to you, have photos taken with them.  Consider candle light or night life lights.

Are you both outdoor enthusiasts?  Have your engagement photo reflect that as you pose with your canoe or water skis, or on horseback or skates.

Do you like amusement parks?  Have your photos taken on a merry go round, or roller coaster or Ferris wheel.

The setting you choose can help your guests to understand you both as a couple and communicate the love you share.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

WEDDING NOTES™ - A Working Check List

It may seem overwhelming at first, but every wedding moves according to THE PLAN if you take the time to do it right.  No time?  No experience?  Scared of where to start?  Follow this list and check them off when completed.

1.  Work out your budget.  Determine how much you've got to spend and what are the sources of those funds?  (Hint:  do not say my Visa or MasterCard).  This will include the guest list.  How many people do you plan to attend?  The reception will likely represent the single largest  wedding expense.

2.  Decide on the type of wedding you want.  Morning, afternoon, evening?  Formal or not?

3.  Decide on the date and book your venues for the ceremony and reception.  If they are in separate places, try to minimize the travel time between them.

4.  Book the officiant for your ceremony.

5. Research, decide on and book photographers, florists, caterers (if needed) and entertainment (if wanted).

6.  Find your dream gown.  Order it and make possible  bridesmaid selections.

7.  Select members of your wedding party.  Select and order bridesmaids gowns and order tuxedos.

8.  If you will have out of town guests, book a block of rooms at two or three different sites with price options available for your guests.

9. Register for gifts.  Sign up at a minimum of three retail locations - again with a variety of price points.

10.  Know that there are many other decisions you'll need to make but these are key and will provide a structure for you to follow as you choose options.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WEDDING NOTES™ - 2017 Bridal Gown Trends

Every year designers create beautiful wedding gowns for brides.  And while their look may have longer impact than the rapid turn of trends in ready to wear, gorgeous gowns do reflect the changing tastes and preferences of their customers.  The "red carpet" is now a generic term for fashions created by designers for their famous clientele.  It also provides an impetus for bridal designers to incorporate or capture elements of what's new and exciting into their creations for brides.  Spring of 2017 is no exception.  Here's what to look for in bridal shops nationwide.

  • ·         Lace has been important for several years in bridal, but the current iteration is special.  It captures the feel of sheer fabric but with exquisite patterns and beading. It is part of the current trend of bare skin seen through plunging necklines (both front and back) or through beautiful and intricate lace patterns.  Gorgeous but not for the faint of heart.

  • ·         A version of bare skin is also seen in the design of off - the - shoulder gowns.  The look maintains the bare shoulder feel of the years of strapless wedding gowns but gives it an elegant and flattering feel.  This look is seen in bridesmaid and some MOB lines as well.

  • ·         After years of the full, sweeping skirts of the ball gown look, some designers are including detachable trains and/or skirts on their gowns.  Usually on sheath skirts, these detachable trains also work on A-line and softly full fabrics.

  • ·         For brides who still love the look of strapless, this spring sees a wide variety of bridal capes to complement nearly every possible gown look.  Whether the bride likes tailored or flounce, smooth or ruffled, there is a cover up cape out there for her that changes the look of the gown for the ceremony and then for the reception/dance.

  • ·         Sequins and shine are everywhere, as well as gorgeous beadwork on all sorts of fabric. 

  • ·         And for the unconventional bride - there are stunning pants suits and gowns.  White and ivory predominate but for some designers, bold bright pinks and purples as well as black.

Whether your preference is for traditional or red carpet new, our salon has the look you'll love.  We have all the latest fashions for brides, maids and mothers, so shop with us for your perfect gown.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WEDDING NOTES™ - www.mywedding.com

Congratulations!  You have established your wedding website.  Now - what to put on it?

You no doubt have a personal site, are on Facebook, SnapChat and a variety of other Social Media accounts.  But information about your wedding does not really belong on those sites.  It is a special time in your life and should contain information that is not just important to you as a couple, but information that is necessary for those persons invited to witness your wedding at the ceremony and celebrate with you at the reception.  It is not for general consumption.

If you have had friends with wedding web pages, you are familiar with them.  You will see what they have posted there and decide if that piece is something that fits for you.  In our years working with brides, we have seen some of the best components for a wedding web site.  Here are some of them.

  • ·         Many sites begin with the story of the couple's courtship.  It details how they met, how the groom proposed and the date of the wedding.  You may wish to include some details about your plans.  But be careful not to list every single tiny detail.  An overview is surely sufficient.

  • ·         The site is a good way to introduce and profile your attendants chosen for the wedding.  Be sure you include both the bride's attendants and the groom's.  Pictures of them are a nice touch.  If you feel comfortable sharing the information, include why this person was chosen and their relationship to you.

  • ·         You may wish to include photos of the church and the reception site.  Some brides include info on the destination of the honeymoon if it's not a secret.

  • ·         It is ok to include bridal registry information if you wish.

  • ·         This is a perfect spot for hotel accommodations for out of town guests.

However, there are a few things NOT to place on the website.
1.  Do not ask guests to reply to the invitation via email.  Send R.S.V.P.cards with the invitation.
2.  Do not send thank you notes to guests at showers or the wedding via the web site.
3.  Likewise - do not send your wedding invitations via the webpage.  You don't know who may respond, or who may never look at the site and end up missing the event.  In spite of the electronic world we all inhabit, some things are still done in the traditional way.

The world of electronic communications can be speedy, timely and convenient.  Stop in and talk with one of our experienced consultants for more good ideas for using the Internet as an effective communication tool for your wedding.